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With the collaboration of dyLESTorm, I have developed this classic project "Battle of spaceships" for learning purposes. Unlike my last project (Kings and Pigs), here I do not use artificial intelligence, but rather something more adapted to "space invaders", replacing the intelligence with configurable movement patterns for each enemy.

I have modified it in such a way that it can now process the "states" of each movement pattern in the characters (with the exception of the player, which we control).



Each enemy can receive a dictionary with the instructions to follow. They can be divided into "sequences". If an enemy is interrupted by the player's attack, their pattern will go into a "pause" and then continue automatically.

Inside the "level builder" scene you can press Control to add a "Status" node. The three states available in a level are: "obstacles", "enemies" and "boss". They will run throughout the game in the order of creation. When a level is ready, we can press the "save level" button to obtain a scene file inside the "generated levels" folder.

License: MIT ...

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