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It emits a signal and passes from one scene to another. Whether with an AutoLoad or any node, change scenes and choose the transition that you like

Three shaders are included for transitions of type cut, pixelation and simple fade in/out.  12 different transitions so far.

To install this asset in your project you just have to:

  1.  Pass the shaders folder to the root of your project.
  2.  Move the cutoff_d folder to the "assets" folder within your project ".
  3.  Pass the "Transitions" folder into your "scenes" folder at the root of your project. If you require the "change_scene()" function, paste the "autoload" folder in the root of your project and add the scene as AutoLoad in the project settings.

How to use:

  • If in your main scene you have a node that instantiates the levels, called "Levels" or something similar, instantiate the scene that is in the "Transitions" folder in your main scene. The first property is to select the transition you want and the second property is to indicate the path of the node that instantiates scenes.

When your character enters the area of a door or something, it emits a signal to the root node of the level and this in turn will emit the information to its root node, which is the Game Node. 

The "scene" parameter is something like this: "res: //scenes/levels/lvl_1.tscn"

In the Game node, the root of everything, there is a variable that directs us to the node we just instantiated for transitions.

  • If you have the scene of transitions like AutoLoad, simply add these lines every time you want to change the scene:

License: MIT .. ...

If you need more transitions you can comment, probably make updates constantly.

You can send an email to "contacto [ar] indielibre.com" if you need help implementing the asset in your project.

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AuthorCésar León
Tags2D, asset, Godot, godotengine, Shaders


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Hey, I'm kinda new to unity so I don't know how to install this, do you have any links explaining what "passing the shaders folder to the root of your project" means. if not could you please explain it if you have the time? thank you

Hi friend, this is an asset for Godot Engine, it will not work in Unity.

oh welp, sorry about that then

Tu asset al momento de instalarlo me bloquea los botones de mi menú xd, me encantaría que me dieras una solución para esto. Encima segui todos los pasos de instalación uno por uno y aún asi nada, sigue el mismo problema.

Hola amigo. Ya encontré el problema, gracias por reportar: entra en la escena Transitions y en el nodo cutoff, fade_in y pixelation cambia la propiedad Mouse>Filter por Ignore. Por defecto está en Stop, y esos nodos se ven primero que cualquier menú, así que se debe especificar que se ignore el mouse. 

Así acabo de hacer para que funcionara la herramienta en mi escena, avísame si también te funciona :). 

Funciona bien ahora, pero surgió otro problema y es que cuando cambió la escena la anterior se sigue viendo lo cual me impide jugar correctamente xd

¿Ya  llenaste la dirección al nodo Niveles en la instancia de Transitions? Es para que el nodo Transitions tome al primer hijo de ese contenedor de niveles y lo elimine para que puedas instanciar tu nivel sin que estén los dos al mismo tiempo. 


Hi, just want to re-confirm. Can we use a purchased asset to more than one game?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


You can use it in all the games you want :).


wow that's great thanks :)

looks nice, a few hiccups getting it to work, but minimal effort compared to coding my own scene transitions.

the line: new_scene._ready();

in the load_state() function is causing errors, because it means _ready is called twice for a level scene. 

I took that line out and remove the errors I was getting (connecting signals that were already connected).

Thanks for comment. In the tests I did, I needed the instantiated scenes to have the Game node as owner, if I ran the _ready without having passed the owner before, I would have an error. _Ready is used in the transition to avoid errors if in the scene that instances you need the Game node.

these two lines here are causing a warning about a conflict between the func name and the variable name.

var load_state: int = 0;

func load_state() -> void:

Windows reports the zip as invalid :(

(1 edit)

Give me a second

I reloaded the file, however other people have already downloaded it without reporting that error.

I tried it on another computer and had the same problem, but I booted my desktop into Linux and was able to open it. My best guess is maybe the pipe ("|") in one of the folder names causes issues for Windows? Thanks for taking a look so fast!

Maybe that's, I have never decompressed in Windows. I was foolish I changed the bar in the Zip file and not in the folder I'm going to upgrade again

The one you have up now is working. Thanks for taking a look!